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Abdulrahim Ahli

Marketing Manager

Abdulrahim Ahli, a young and dynamic Emirati professional, serves as the Marketing Manager at Mayavian Creative Studio. With over 7+ years of experience in the marketing field, Abdulrahim brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to his role.

In addition to his marketing acumen, Abdulrahim is an accomplished footballer who has showcased his skills at some of the most well-established clubs in the UAE, Spain, and Russia. His passion for the sport has instilled in him a competitive spirit, discipline, and teamwork – qualities that seamlessly translate into his marketing endeavors.

As the Marketing Manager, Abdulrahim leverages his diverse background and experiences to develop innovative marketing strategies and campaigns. His deep understanding of consumer behavior, coupled with his creative flair, allows him to effectively engage target audiences and drive brand awareness for clients.

Abdulrahim’s ability to think outside the box and his innate talent for capturing attention have contributed to the success of numerous marketing campaigns at Mayavian Creative Studio. His unique perspective, shaped by his experiences in the football world, brings a fresh and dynamic approach to marketing initiatives.

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