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Shoiab Hasan

Chief Innovation Officer

Shoiab Hassan, a seasoned professional with over 15+ years of experience in the information technology field, serves as the Chief Innovation Officer at Mayavian Creative Studio. With his expertise and visionary leadership, Shoiab heads the IT development team, driving innovation and spearheading the achievement of new milestones.

Throughout his career, Shoiab has demonstrated a deep understanding of technology and its transformative potential. His extensive knowledge and experience in information technology enable him to harness the latest advancements and integrate them seamlessly into Mayavian’s creative solutions.

As the Chief Innovation Officer, Shoiab plays a crucial role in shaping the agency’s technological strategies and driving innovation across all aspects of the business. He leverages his expertise to identify emerging trends, explore cutting-edge technologies, and develop innovative solutions that propel Mayavian and its clients to new heights.

Under Shoiab’s leadership, the IT development team at Mayavian Creative Studio thrives. His ability to envision and implement groundbreaking solutions has led to the successful delivery of projects that combine creative design with advanced technical functionalities.


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