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Sumit Wadhawan

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Sumit Wadhawan, the Co-founder and Director of Marketing at Mayavian Creative Studio, brings a wealth of experience with over 20+ years in various design and development fields. With a track record of delivering successful projects and contributing to the growth of renowned brands, Sumit has established himself as a seasoned professional in the industry.

As a key driving force behind the inception of Mayavian in 2013, Sumit played a pivotal role in shaping the agency’s success within just five years. His strategic vision and leadership were instrumental in positioning Mayavian as a thriving creative studio, delivering exceptional results for clients.

In 2018, Sumit made the decision to relocate to the United States, but his dedication and passion for Mayavian remain unwavering. Although physically distant, he continues to contribute his expertise and insights, ensuring the agency’s continued growth and success.

Sumit’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the design and development landscape have been invaluable to Mayavian’s achievements. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his ability to navigate industry trends, has positioned the agency as a trusted partner for clients seeking innovative marketing solutions.

Even from afar, Sumit’s influence and expertise continue to shape Mayavian Creative Studio, cementing its reputation as a leading provider of exceptional design, development, and marketing services.

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